December 10, 2018

History lesson 96


Alfred Nobel was born in 1833, in Sweden. His dad made weapons for the Russian Tsar, and later in his life, Nobel studied chemistry in Paris, France. His father taught him all about exploding and explosives and how things explode and WHY things explode so that’s why I said he taught him all about explosives. His younger brother was killed in an explosion, so naturally, Nobel was in a frenzyed grief and he whipped up a batch of dynamite and inflicted revenge on the people who killed his brother. Just kidding. His younger brother was killed in an explosion, but I highly doubt the fact that he invented dynamite because his brother died. Now, dynamite is used for blowing up buildings and blowing up things in movies. I hope you liked this short paper and thanks for reading!!!


Barbed Wire (ow)

December 7, 2018

History lesson 95

History Lesson 90-95: Roller Skates, Barbed Wire, Cowboy Hats, And Milk Pasteurization.Ā 

You can just look up above to see what I will be writing about.

James L. Plimpton invented modern roller skates in 1863. It was a bit hit because a lot of kids loved them because they were really fun, a lot of adults loved it because it was a game that they could play with their children, and it was a good and fun form of excercize. Plimpton invented it right after the soldiers from the war got home, so it was a fun way for the whole family to spend the night: at a Roller Skating Rink! Its invention led to the invention of the inline skates, the ones that everybody uses today. Inline skates were invented in 1990. Skating rinks are still really popular, and a lot of people still go there!

Before the west of the western part of the United States was populated, only a couple of families were there. There, they only needed to keep the cattle out of their backyard, but other than that? Cattle could go wherever they wanted! But after people started moving in, free roaming cattle became a problem when they started eating neighbors crops. Owners decided to fence cattle in, but they had a problem. What were they gonna fence the cattle in with? Duh, FENCE, you might say, but wooden fences were WAY too expensive. Hedges couldn’t grow in the hard and barren ground, so in 1868, Michael Kelly invented wire with sharp little pieces of wire sticking out. BARBED WIRE.

John B. Stenson, born in New Jersey in 1830, traveled west and noticed all of the different types of hats. Coonskin hats. Old soldiers helmets. Straw hats that did absolutly NOTHING. He thought that he should invent a hat that actually did something, because Coonskin hats just gave you fleas, Old soldiers helmets, who wants to wear a dead mans hat? And Straw hats that did nothing? Pfft. He invented the cowboy hat made of hardened felt in 1865. It was extremely durable because an old cowboy hat was found and it was in really good condition for a REALLY old hat.

Louis Pasteur was born in France in 1822. He was really good at Philosophy and mastered in it, but he wasn’t that successful in chemistry. He turned his life around and got really good in chemistry, and became a chemistry professor. He was asked to figure out why wine soured, and in 1865 he patented a process to kill microorganisms and bad bacteria. I never occured to me thatĀ Pasteurization was named after Louis Pasteur.

I hope you like this essay and got something useful out of it! Bye!


Christmas Contest

December 7, 2018

This is going to be the last contest of the year. But I will make this one sort of long. In this contest I want you all to write a short paragraph about what you think Christmas is about. 

1: You can choose anything and I do not hold you back from saying presents, but it will dramaticly change the odds of you winning.

2: You cannot copy. You canā€™t do the exact same thing for the exact same reason!!!!!!!!!!

3: THIRD RULES DO NOT EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, so the winner is the person who has the best paragraph about what Christmas is really about. The award for the winner is that I will post you’re blog address in my winner’s page so that hopefully, whoever reads that page will want to check out you site!!!!!!! The contest will be over December 31. You can submit it the day of, but not the day after (duh). Hear that?

DECEMBER 31st!!!

I have the right to disqualify anyone, qualify someone, and when I decide the winner, my choice is FINAL. PERIOD. NO ARGUMENTS. Other than that I hope you enjoy this contest!!! Bye!



December 6th, 2018

The Winner Of The Favorite Things Contest Is:


Elizabeth’s Entry

Elizabeth won because she loves and is thankful for the most important things in everybody life: Family and Friends. People are the things that you should be most thankful for. She also mentioned food which is SUPER important; without it I would not be here writing this now! Then she put some things that she does that she is thankful for: dance, violin, and piano. I bet those are all really fun. Except for piano, of course. I hate piano.

The prize that she is awarded with is I will post her blog address in a different page in my blog. I know I said that I would put it in my about page but I don’t think that I will because then it will be too long. So CONGRATS ELIZABETH!!!!


P.S. Here is a link to her blog Ā 

Here is a link to the different page in my blog

Prime vs. Zoom Lenses

December 6, 2018

Science lesson 121

SO! Another paper about cameras. This one will be about Lenses and the differences about Prime and Zoom lenses. I will first start with PRIME lenses.

Prime lenses are just lenses. They don’t zoom in or anything. You have to step forward or backwards to make the subject bigger. You can’t just stand and the camera lens will extend, that is what the Zoom lens does. When you are in a controlled situation like by yourself or when everyone is out of your way, it might be good to use this lens. If you are in a crowd, you might want to use a Zoom Lens. You could use whichever one you feel like, or whatever your personal style is.

Zoom lenses. My mom has a Zoom lens on her camera. It makes it easy for both the subject and the shooter because neither of them have to move. The lens will move so that the subject will get bigger or smaller. My mom has a Zoom lens like I said earlier, but most of the time when I use it the subject might get a little fuzzy and not as focused. But that might just be the camera because it is really, really, really old.

I hope you like this little paper about lenses. I hope you could get a little helpful something out of it. BYE!!!


Manual vs. Auto Focus

December 5, 2018

Science lesson 120

Ookay. So, today’s paper will be about something that I learned in Science about Camera Focus. Manual Focus vs. Auto Focus. I’m going to explain the advantages and the disadvantages of each setting.

I’m gonna start with Auto Focus. Auto Focus will focus on whatever (or whoever) is closest to the camera. This is good if you want the background a little blurred, or it you are alone with nothing in front of you. Auto Focus is bad when you are in a crowd. There is constant movement and occasionally someone might pass in front of you.Ā 

Next is Manual Focus. Manual Focus will focus on one thing only. If you were to step into the frame of the camera, the camera will focus on you, and even if you are in a crown it will not stop focusing on you. This is good if you are in a crowd. Even if you are by yourself, it might be good to consider to use Manual Focus because you wouldn’t want and branches or flowers to get all the focus, but it isn’t necessary.Ā 

And that is the short and sweet explination of Manual vs. Auto focus for any camera. I hope you liked it and it was somewhat useful to you. BYE!!!!!!!


How The Narwhal Got Her Horn

December 5, 2018

English lesson 165 (using the style of Ruyard Kipling, write a just so story.)

How The Narwhal Got Her Horn

Ā  Ā  Ā Back in the day, Dear Reader, there used to be dragons, griffins, unicorns, and many other so called “mythical” creatures in the skies, but this chapter is about how our friend the Narwhale got her beautiful horn.Ā 

One day, before all the magic disappeared from the world, there was a baby unicorn named Narissa. This unicorn was very special because not only did she have a beautiful sparkling horn (that everyone was jealous of, no doubt), but she also had beautiful wings like the dragons, except these ones were all feathery. The other unicorns were jealous (and everyone else was too), so one day, while the special unicorn was sleeping, they unscrewed the horn from her head (horns were always screwed on a head. They could not be just duct taped on-duct tape had not been invented yet.). They threw it into the glittering blue sea beneath them and left. When the unicorn woke up, she discovered that her horn was missing and she became the first pegasus (now everyone was super jealous of her but now they couldn’t do anything about it.).

Down under the sea, a small young whale named TinyWhale was swimming when all of a sudden she herd aĀ thunkĀ and her head became super heavy. she looked up and a glittering white unicorn horn was magically attatched to her head. She swam back to her family, who soon learned that the horn was Narissa’s, and so they chrisined TinyWhale with the start of Narissa’s name, and the end of Tiny Whale’s name: NarWhale.Ā 

And that, dear reader, is how the first NarWhale got her horn (of course the people changed it to where it looked like Narwhal, but origionally it was NarWhale).


Christmas Holiday Post

December 3, 2018

 SO! This is a new series that I am gonna do called the Holiday Series! I write a post about every holiday such as Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, My Birthday, New Year’s, stuff like that, and this post will be my first Christmas Holiday Post!!! So…YAY!!!!!

Ok, so the first part of Holiday Post will always be about why I enjoy the particular holiday! I LOVE Christmas not only because I get presents, but I get to GIVE great presents to my siblings and look like a nice and generous person! I ALSO love how it is so cold and if I am SUPER DUPER LUCKY we actually might get over a whole THREE INCHES OF SNOW. I also like Winter/Christmas because it makes you just want to grab a blanket, watch a classic Christmas movie, and drink hot beverages. You also might have a tremendous urge to shop uncontrollably for Christmas presents NO MATTER THE COST!!! And the whole thought of sitting in the living room the whole day buried in mounds of wrapping paper and opening fabulous presents that people are so generous to give to you!!!! You also love the feeling when somebody opens the presents and say something like: Oh!! Yay this is just what I wanted! etc. etc.. WHAT ARE YOU GETTING YOUR FAMILY FOR CHRISTMAS? DO YOU LIKE SNOW? WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT GIVING AND GETTING PRESENTS?

I LOVE being excited for christmas because you get to get people presents and see them be so happy! Also in the times leading up to christmas you get showered with all sorts of yummy christmas-sy food and candy and cookies. you also get to make cookies and give them out, and make gingerbread houses with your family! also yummy christmas dinners are so good. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CHRISTMAS FOOD? DO YOU LIKE ALL OF THE CHRISTMAS FOOD YOUR FAMILY MAKES? WHAT DO YOU MAKE YOUR GINGERBREAD HOUSE WITH?

ANOTHER THING!!!!!!!!!!! Our Elf on the Shelf! Freddy (my little brother named him) is back! He came on December first and so far he has hung himself in the pantry, rowed himself across the table with thanksgiving indians, and stuck himself in a jar on top of the fridge. WHERE HAS YOUR ELF ON THE SHELF HIDDEN? WHAT IS HIS/HER NAME? WHEN DID HE COME?

Christmas movies!!!!!!!!!!! Of course we all need to watch some christmas movies. Frosty the snowman was creepy to me, so I don’t watch it with everybody else. I also like charlie brown christmas movies! I LOVE rudolph the red nosed reindeer and Home alone. WHAT CHRISTMAS MOVIES DO YOU WATCH? DO YOU LIKE FROSTY THE SNOWMAN? DO YOU LIKE ALL THE CHRISTMAS MOVIES YOU WATCH?

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANd Christmas songs!!!!!!!! I LOVE Christmas is here (Charlie Brown), Feliz Navidad(i got no idea how to spell that) Jingle Bells and a ton of others that I forgot the names to but still love. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONGS? TELL ME ABOUT ANY CHRISTMAS SONGS YOU LIKE!

So, yeah, that is my Christmas post. I hope you like it and a very merry Christmas to all!!! 


Random, Random Post. OK Maybe Not.

November 29, 2018


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Ok, that was weird. I sometimes I just BURST INTO RAMDOM SPASEMS OF WEIRDNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Sorry.Ā  bye! Adios! (Spanish) Slan! (Irish) Au revoir! (French) Auf Wiedershen! (German) Ciao! (Italian) Tot ziens! (Dutch) Anito! (Greek) Sayonara! (Japanese) Jalga! (Korean) TOODLES!!! (~CharlottešŸ¦„)

Ratcheting Wrench…

November 29, 2018

History lesson 90

Hi! So this History lesson is about 1: Linoleum, 2: The Postcard, 3: The Gatling Gun, and lastly and certainly the least interesting, 4: The Ratcheting Wrench. So I will be writing about these four thing in the order that they were listed.

     Before hard floors (by hard floors I mean stone floors, wooden floors, etc.), people used wool, silk, and even tapestries were put on the floor as carpets. These carpets also doubled as something far better than soft floors; insulation. Meanwhile, Fredrick Walton was born in England in 1834. One day he noticed that linseed oil (extracted from the flax plant) can dry into a materiel similar to rubber. He experimented with linseed oil to make it dry quicker. Finally, in 1863, he invented and patented linoleum. He had now made it into a color customizable, flexable, flooring that was easy to clean. It was a bit hit, because unlike wooden floor, it couldn’t catch on fire, but when heated, linoleum could release toxic fumes.

     The concept of the postcard was introduced in 1861, but it wasn’t until 1870 that Hyman Lipman (inventor of the pencil eraser) and John P. Charlton patented the idea of postcards. Postcards are cheap and easy to use, and they are widley used throughout the world. The golden age of postcards was from 1907-1915.

    Richard Gatling was born in North Carolina in 1818. He was a store owner as well as a doctor as well as an inventor. He must have been really busy. Just think of it. Back then, there wasn’t online stores, so people went to physical stores like his. So he was busy with his store. THEN, he was a doctor too! So he had to be really busy helping people and doing check-ups and everything. So now he had to work double-time. THEN!, he was an inventor! If he had invented something really important, other companies would be trying to make spin-offs of his great product, so he would be busy going to court and suing people! Anyways, he was inspired by the Cival Was to build and patent the Gatling Gun in 1861. He wanted to reduce the people sent out onto the battlefield to just die hopelessly. 

Ā  Ā  Ā The Socket Wrench was not totally new in the 1800 because ancient cultures had figured out how to use sockets to crank bolts. The first wrench in 1835. The next wrench was patented in 1863 in by J.J.Richardson. Thats really all there is to it. Its kinda boring. Well, BYE!!!!!!!!