Happy Thankgiving Everyone

three things i’m thankful for: All the people who care for me in my life Chinese cuisine My kawaii grunge style 😛 whats on the menu today? Smoked Turkey Mashed Potatoes Stuffing & Gravy Brussel Sprouts Cauliflower Green Beans Dinner Rolls Pecan Squares Apple Pie & Cream Chocolate Cake i hope that… all of youContinue reading “Happy Thankgiving Everyone”

It’s Not Just Black and White Pt.2: Debunking Historical Myths

Originally posted on Writing for Fun Forever:
The next few posts are going to be a little back-history for the “It’s Not Just Black & White” series.? Racism wasn’t really noticed on a large scale until the 1800s due to the issue of slavery. Starting from then, many historical events took place that helped end…