Book Report: Keeper of The Lost Cities

December 28, 2018

Keeper Of The Lost Cities, by Shannon Messenger

Sophie Foster is an ordinary girl with and ordinary life and extremely good grades, well, at least thats what everyone else thinks. Every since she was five years old she has been able to hear the thoughts of everyone around her. But one day, a boy named Fitz tells her an extraordinary thing. Sophie Foster is an elf. He shows her the wonders of the elven worlds and every single elf in them. He tells her of the rare abilities of each one, and reveals his own power as well as Sophie’s. Telepathy. She figures out the secrets about her past as well as finding out about the Black Swan, a distrustful band of elves that have been planting false memories in Sophie’s mind. Is that why her telepathy is stronger than others? Is that why she is able to find dangerous unmapped stars? Or is the Black Swan just using her to destroy everything she knows?


    1. Blogger10 says:

      Yeah it is! I has like, 8 books in the series and all the books are pretty long so…lots of reading!!!


  1. Charlotte, is it okay if you put the link to the story summary I wrote into your book report in case someone wants to know the whole story?

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      1. Thank you so much! 😁

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      2. Also say it’s a work in progress, I’m not finished.

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      3. OK so my sis caitlin is writing a summary of the whole story if you want to know what happens, but she has only done the first part:


      4. Thanks for putting that in there sis.

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  2. Hey, just so you guys know, there is 7 other books in the series. ❤


  3. Sounds interesting! I like reading about other books people are reading

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